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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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[No, a]
SlfcTENG  DlA&ECT.                                                  (DISTRICT,  KHASI AND JlINTlA HlLLS.)
(U KM JMkhw, 1900.)
I-wow   kynmo   ia       u-kh'mi.
What   recollect of the-earthquake,
Ha i4u     i-por ba-kbai      u-kh'mi,       toh  ha    ka-sngi     ka-ba lap ka-wi ka
In that the-time arose the-earthquake, fell   in the-day(on) ichich died one   a
bra,     bei     wa       Inar haroli   u-slap.    Te  nga dang la-wan tlep   bru    wot 6.
womant and (on-}which fell   also the-rain.  And   I was   cnme bury person just I.
Te       katda   k'jam     te    bang   dinj   6   ha    t'pai      hapoh    iung,       te    duh
And    because   cold    and  warm fire   I   in   hearth    inside    house,     (hen only
shibet     donhi  te      mill      wot   6 slia   dhari.         Te    sniaw 6  ba      kbih.
little-time   only and went-out   just  I   to veranda.     And   felt   I that  rocking
wer-wer     kamwa               kbih                  u-kh'mi.        Te      ab      bha  wofe 6
slightly         as      shaking (or trembling)  an-ectrthquake.  And listened well just 1
iniaw 6   da   rap   jongneb,    mih     wot   o  sba       p'sbem.         Te     du     wa
felt  I was more    severe,  went-out  just I   to  front-of "home.   And   only   that
poi        hi     6    ba        p'shern,         khih      wot     jongbeb-jongbeb.       Ivatwa
arrived   only   I    in   front~of~house,   shook     just    severely-severely.     Although
io-luti                    u      wi'ar,          ileb                    sam               kbih
seeing•the-road (ie., expecting) to     cease,   nevertheless      more-and-mora     shook
patban         jotigbeb.    Hei'te    te      da      tein          sib        6,    te      bar
notwittitfavding,    severely.     Then   then   was   afraid   very-much   /, and although
tein      ileb  dang        rab        em    hi    i-wa    io-luti      ieģi-wow wiar   u.   Te
afraid    also  there   something   wa*    also   the expectation   for-to   cease  if.   And
mynda bap hi-eb     i-kblib   u  atosbkhana,   te    ong   0, 'i-ni     te da  leb   u-Blai
when fell   down    the-top   a      chimney,   then   said J5 'thit  then is doing   God
dajong   sakniat;      myntu    te     ym   dam       de          u              ngam.'
with earnestness;      now    then   not   fail   any-more   to   sink-down (the-world).'
Katte            te          io-luti       6     sadu     iei       ba      u       ngam        hi,
By-thaMime      then      expected     I     only    for     that     it      wilMnk    only,
klukne           sbapob    te     dep    iam   ne.
wallowed-wholly     inside   then   done for   all.
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